• About Our business ....

    CWP OptiGlaze was formed in 2007 to design, manufacture and supply polycarbonate anti vandal and security glazing products. Since being formed we have supplied a range of polycarbonate double glazing for variety of projects including schools, health centres, activity centres, detention centres, special needs schools, social housing, food factory's, a boat museum and to many home owners.

    Why Choose OptiGlaze Double Glazing

    Modern day windows and doors have excellent locking systems that qualify for PAS 24 for security, glazing beads fitted inside the room so double glazing cannot be removed from the outside.

    BUT they all have the same weak point, they all have glass double glazed units that will break.

  • OPTIGLAZE Polycarbonate Double Glazing

    Clear As Glass - Over 200 Times Stronger Than Glass - Virtually Unbreakable.

    The nearest thing to unbreakable glass

    OpitiGlaze have been manufacturing Polycarbonate Security Double Glazing For More Than 10 Years and have supplied projects in the commercial, construction, health and education sectors as well as to many home owners.

    polycarbonate double glazing

    POLYGARD - Polycarbonate Double Glazing

    Lexan Margard MRX Hard Coated Abrasion and Chemical Resistant to both inner and outer leaf- Cleans Like Glass

    These units are suitable for general glazing applications particularly security glazing, industrial glazing, factory glazing and glazing for food factory's.

    Shaped polycarbonate double glazing

    POLYGARD - Shaped Double Glazed Units

    We can manufacture shaped polycarbonate double glazed units for most applications. The units above were supplied for a roof lantern on a public building in Bath.

    vandal proof double glazing

    HAMMERGARD ST - Polycarbonate Anti Vandal Energy Saving Double Glazing.

    Lexan Margard MRX Hard Coated Polycarbonate and Toughened Pilkington K A Low E Glass

    A direct replacement of glass double glazing for windows and doors that are vulnerable to break in by burglars and attack from vandals where energy saving is a requirement.

    vandal proof double glazing

    HAMMERGARD MR - Polycarbonate Anti Vandal Energy Saving Double Glazing.

    5 mm Lexan Margard MR5E Hard Coated Polycarbonate and Toughened Pilkington KA Low E Glass

    ​Lexan Margard MR5E complies to EN BS 356 P5A

    High Risk (Non-Ballistic)
    For protection against manual attack using heavy hand tools such as
    pickaxe, axe, staves and crowbars.
    Examples: More likely to be pre-meditated than spontaneous, benefits
    office, hospital or health centre.

    vandal proof double glazing

    OptiGlaze Polycarbonate Glazing System

    We use only the very best in SR abrasion and chemical resistant hard coated solid sheet polycarbonate sealed together using the latest in warm edge "all in one" spacer sealed through a heated roller press with a second and third edge seal applied for secure bonding.

  • Polycarbonate double glazed units are installed exactly the same as glass units.

  • ISO Certified Business