Crime Prevention With Unbreakable Double Glazing

By Clive Brown 23 Aug, 2016
This modern window gives a beautiful view across the country side but this window could be anywhere.  Over looking your back garden, looking into your street or facing a cul-de-sac.  It has the very best security locking system, the best hinges and the double glazing is fitted from the inside of the room so that it cannot be taken out from the outside by a burglar.  This window is very secure.  WRONG!  There is still one very weak and vulnerable area.  The DOUBLE GLAZING.  Unfortunately all glass fitted into windows and can be easily broken by vandals or a burglar wanting to gain access into your home and steal your valuable possessions.  Yes you are probably covered by insurance and have an excess to pay towards the cost of another replacement double glazed unit, another double glazed unit that can again be broken and smashed.

So what is the answer?

The answer is to install unbreakable double glazing.  Unbreakable double that will still give you the same level of energy saving that your broken double glazing gave you.  OptiGlaze ANTI VANDAL DOUBLE GLAZING is unbreakable double glazing with energy saving.

It works by having clear hard coated unbreakable polycarbonate to the outside leaf.  Polycarbonate is over 200 times stronger than glass, will not crack or splinter with the inside leaf of toughened Pilkington K Low E energy saving glass.  The perfect double glazed sealed unit.  The BEST of both clear unbreakable polycarbonate to the outside and energy saving safety glass to the inside.  While this type of double glazing does cost more the normal glass double glazing it will never have to replaced again through breakage giving you long terms savings.  


CWP OptiGlaze formed in 2007  and an ISO 9001 : 15 Certified  business are a UK manufacturer of polycarbonate double glazed sealed units and supply units for many different applications.  Applications such as construction, commercial, schools, health centres, activity centres, industry, security, food factory's, residential housing, care homes, special needs schools, portable buildings, home owners in fact anywhere where light weight or unbreakable glazing is needed for security and crime prevention.

Our polycarbonate double glazed units include general purpose, hard coated (abrasion and chemical resistant) and anti-vandal units with energy saving.

We use only the best leading brands of polycarbonate, Lexan and Polycasa. Clear solid sheet polycarbonate is half the weight of glass and over 200 times stronger, and will not splinter or crack or break.

We have been researching and developing our units for over a number of years with rigorous quality control using only the very best in polycarbonate ensures the very best in polycarbonate double glazing.  By using the latest in warm edge spacer bar, sealant suitable for polycarbonate and our 'triple edge' sealing gives strong bonding, flexibility and strength to the perimeter edge of the unit.

Our hard coated and anti-vandal units have a 5 year guarantee against permanent misting up inside the unit. These units have been fully tested by an independent test house.   

All modern day windows are now fitted with secure locking systems and hinges to prevent them from being forced open and internal glazing beads to prevent the double glazing from being removed BUT there is one area that is still weak and vulnerable and this is the largest area of the window or door - THE GLAZING.   All glazing installed to windows and doors will break.  The only way to prevent this is by fitting UNBREAKABLE GLAZING  such as OptiGlaze Anti Vandal Glazing - CALL US for more information. 


Which is the best polycarbonate double glazed unit for me?

Our polycarbonate double glazed units comply to The Building Regulations 2010 - Security - Dwellings Approved Document Q BS EN 356.
Polycarbonate double glazed units are installed exactly the same as glass units. 
ISO 9001 : 2015 Registration No. 14132861
polycarbonate double glazing supplier
polycarbonate double glazing supplier
ISO 9001 : 15
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