• PolyGard Double Glazing For Commercial and Industry

    If you are looking for a light weight alternative to glass sealed units for a particular project or product looking to make a reduction on weight, for security glazing purposes such as security doors or for health and safety or hygiene reasons in a food preparation factory then OptiGlaze PolyGard polycarbonate double glazed sealed units will achieve this. These sealed units in Lexan Margard MRX Hard Coated UV abrasion and chemical resistant polycarbonate are available in sheet thickness from 3 mm up to 12 mm to suit every application.

    For viewing panels in roller shutter doors and garage doors units from 3 mm or 4 mm polycarbonate will do the job or where greater security is required then 6 mm or 8 mm thick polycarbonate can be used. All units can have various air cavities from 6 mm up to 24 mm.

    In security door vision panels 6 mm or 8 mm Lexan Margard MRX hard coated abrasion and chemical resistant will be suitable creating an unbreakable barrier. Overall units from 24 mm up to 38 mm are available.


  • Polycarbonate Double Glazing For Commercial and Industry

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    Commercial, Schools and Health Care

    Schools, Special Needs Schools, Care Homes, Health Centres, Mental Hospitals, Detention Centres etc. can all benefit from unbreakable double glazing. Our HammerGARD MR double glazing made up of Lexan Margard MR5E abrasion and chemical resistant polycarbonate and toughened Pilkington K Low glass give the benefit of both unbreakable glazing (polycarbonate) and energy saving safety glass. These units can be fitted with the polycarbonate to either the inside or outside of the building depending where protection is needed.

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    There are many uses in industry for lightweight unbreakable double glazing. Our PolyGARD hard coated abrasion and chemical resistant double glazed units meet this criteria. Machine Guards, Factory Glazing and particularly Food Factory's where health and safety is a priority are many of the applications where this type of glazing is ideally suited and installed.

    food factory glazing


    Industrial doors for use in factories, security doors and cold room doors PolyGARD sealed units in abrasion and chemical resistant polycarbonate in 4 mm or 6 mm sheet thickness are the ideal solution. They will withstand cleaning from industrial cleaners with out affecting the surface finish they will also allow graffiti paint to be easily removed. Overall unit sizes are available to accommodate different door thickness.