• Why choose hammergard mr

    If you are looking for security double glazing that meets the requirements of Secured By Design specification while keeping the benefits of energy saving then you should choose HammerGARD MR. The polycarbonate used for the outer leaf is 5 mm Lexan MR5E which as been tested and approved to EN BS 356 P5A. This means it meets the standard for High Risk (Non-Ballistic) for protection against manual attack using heavy hand tools such as pickaxe, axe, staves and crowbars. Examples: More likely to be pre-meditated than spontaneous like vandalism, and benefits office's, schools, hospitals or health centres etc.

    The inner leaf is 6mm Toughened Pilkington KA Low E glass. These units are available in overall unit thickness of 24mm, 28mm and 32mm only.

    LEXAN™ MARGARD™ MR5E sheet is a transparent UV and mar resistant glazing material for flat applications only. The intrinsic properties of
    LEXAN polycarbonate combined with its dual hard coated surface provide: high impact strength and forced entry protection, graffiti resistance, excellent all weather performance.

    • 5 mm abrasion and chemical resistant hard surface coated polycarbonate for the outer leaf tested and meets EN BS 356 P5A.
    • 4 mm Low E or 6 mm  Toughened Pilkington KA Low E energy saving glass to the inner leaf.
    • The latest technology in Warm Edge spacer bar.
    • Triple edge seal technology for extra bonding, all round edge strength and edge insulation.

    Double Glazed Sealed Units overall sizes in 24 mm to 32 mm.

    10 year limited warranty against breakage (Polycarbonate only).

    • 10 year limited warranty against loss of light transmission.
    • 7 year limited warranty on polycarbonate against hard coating failure.
    • 7 year limited warranty against permanent "misting or fogging" inside the unit.

    **Obscure polycarbonate is not hard coated and therefore no guarantee against misting and fogging inside the unit is given.


    Please note the maximum double glazed unit size is 2400mm x 1200mm