• Why Choose OptiGlaze Hammergard ST Double Glazing

    Modern day windows and doors have excellent locking systems that qualify for PAS 24 for security, glazing beads fitted inside the room so double glazing cannot be removed from the outside.

    BUT they all have the same weak point, they all have glass double glazed units that will break.


    1) Float glass will very easily break.


    2) Safety glass such as toughened glass when installed externally can easily be broken by a burglar with the right tools and disintegrate into minute pieces giving easy access into a room.


    3) Laminated glass is more secure than toughened glass but will still break, the layered film keeps the broken glass in place until it can be replaced.


    4) Glazing films have similar effect as laminated glass.

  • HAMMERGARD ST - Anti Vandal Energy Saving Double Glazing

    Lexan Margard MRX 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm or 6 mm SR Hard Coated unbreakable polycarbonate an optical clear solid sheet polycarbonate with a special "glass like" hard surface coating to both sides of the sheet is used for the outside of the unit. This coating makes the polycarbonate impervious to moisture, abrasion and chemical resistant and allows the easy removal of graffiti. On the inside of the unit is 4 mm or 6 mm Toughened Pilkington K Low E glass. The exceptional thermal quality of polycarbonate and Low E glass make the perfect combination for an anti vandal and burglar resistant energy saving double glazed unit utilizing the very latest in warm edge spacer bar and our triple edge sealing. The use of different thickness of glazing material helps to improve the sound insulation quality of a sealed unit.

    Installing HAMMERGARD double glazed units is the less expensive option of fitting roller shutters, and more visibly pleasing than metal screens and perforated steel making long term cost saving on replacing broken glass double glazed units.

    Indicative calculations show that these sealed units have a centre pane U value of approximately 1.22W/m2K. (A glass double glazed sealed unit made up of 4 mm float glass and Pilkington 4 mm K Low E glass with air filled cavity produces a U value of 1.7W/m2K.U. Values refer to the center of a unit. Where units are over a meter square the cavity is filled with dry air this improves resistance to attack and also improves the thermal quality of the unit. Gas filling of our units is not available at this present time. HAMMERGARD anti vandal double glazed sealed units will replace 20, 24, 28, and 32 mm glass double glazed units and can installed in windows, doors and curtain wall.

    *Obscure polycarbonate (Obscure polycarbonate is not available with a hard surface coating)


    • The latest technology in Warm Edge spacer bar.
    • Triple edge seal technology for extra bonding, all round edge strength and edge insulation.
    • 3 mm,  4 mm or 6 mm abrasion and chemical resistant hard surface coated polycarbonate for the outer leaf.
    • 4 mm Low E or 6 mm Low E Pilkington K toughened energy saving glass to the inner leaf.

    Double Glazed Sealed Units overall sizes from 20 mm to 32 mm. Triple Glazed Sealed Units overall sizes from 34 mm to 56 mm

    These sealed units are the solution where external unbreakable glazing and internal energy saving is required, for preventing and for replacing glass units that have been broken and smashed by vandals or a break in.


    • 10 year limited warranty against breakage (Polycarbonate only).
    • 10 year limited warranty against loss of light transmission.
    • 5 year limited warranty against hard coating failure.
    • 5 year limited warranty against permanent "misting or fogging" inside the unit.

    These units have been tested by an independent third party test house for "misting and fogging" inside the unit. They were tested in a special cabinet for 7 weeks at a humidity temperature of 58 degrees centigrade after which time there was NO misting or fogging inside the units.

    **Obscure polycarbonate is not hard coated and therefore no guarantee against misting and fogging in side the unit is given.


    Please note the maximum double glazed unit size is 2400mm x 1200mm

  • Don't Just Re-Glaze - Glaze HAMMERGARD

  • HammerGard double glazed units are installed exactly the same as glass units.

    ISO 9001 : 2015 Registration No. 14132861