• Polycarbonate Transparent Solid Sheet

    The difference between polycarbonate and acrylic

    Polycarbonate is a form of unbreakable plastic.

    The main difference is solid sheet polycarbonate is a virtually' unbreakable material that is over 200 times stronger than glass, as opposed to acrylic which is 30 times stronger than glass but will easily break, crack and splinter if enough impact is applied. Acrylic is commonly known as Perspex or Plexiglas.


    There are two grades of polycarbonate - General Purpose and Hard Coated. Both grades of polycarbonate are UV protected. UV protected polycarbonate has a UV protection layer applied to both sides of the sheet and is suitable for external use where it will be exposed to sunlight.


    As a manufacturer of quality polycarbonate double glazed units we only use hard coated abrasion and chemical resistant UV polycarbonate. This grade of polycarbonate cleans like glass and allows the use of industrial and chemical glass cleaners making it suitable where hygiene is important.


    LEXAN MARGARD MRX Hard Coated is a transparent polycarbonate sheet with double sided UV and hard coated protection. The product is produced with a vast knowledge of a production team experienced in producing polycarbonate extrusion. The product has a UV protection layer guaranteed against UV radiation and yellowing hence excellent for outdoor applications where glass is used. The product is virtually unbreakable with extremely high impact resistance and offers high temperature performance and is impervious to moisture which makes it perfect for OptiGlaze PolyGARD and HammerGARD ST double glazed security units so we give a 5 years guarantee on misting up inside PolyGARD and HammerGARD ST double glazed units


    LEXAN MARGARD MRX Hard Coated provides designers, specifiers and architects to use transparent polycarbonate double glazing in applications where high clarity, optical performance and unbreakable glazing is required. This polycarbonate is ideally suited for glazing in food factory's and cold rooms and but should not be in direct contact with food.


    High abrasion resistant - weatherable, Lexan* Margard* MRX sheet is a both-side hard coated polycarbonate sheet offering excellent abrasion resistance, excellent dimensional stability, impact resistance, optical clarity . Typical applications can be sound-barriers, separations screens and flat glazing systems needing impact resistance combined with chemical and abrasion resistance.
    Chemical resistance
    Lexan* Margard* MRX sheet has high resistance at the coated side to many chemicals. In applications where it will come into contact with aggressive chemicals, specific (application related) testing of the material is strongly recommended.
    For some applications the ripple orientation may play an important role while installing the Lexan Margard MRX sheet.
    The ripple orientation is indicated for this purpose on the protective masking.
    Cleaning Lexan Margard
    • Never scrape the sheet with squeegees, razorblades or other sharp instruments.
    • Do not clean polycarbonate sheet products under sunny and/or hot environments.
    • For removal of paints, marker pen inks, lipstick, and graffiti etc., we recommend to use Butyl Cellusolve and products
    mentioned in the Lexan solid sheet processing manual. Do not use abrasive or alkaline cleaners.

    • To remove labels, stickers etc. the use of kerosene, naphta or white spirit is generally effective.
    • After having cleaned the polycarbonate a final wash should be made, using a mild soap solution and finishing with a thorough rinsing with cold water.

  • Warranties:

    10 years limited warranty against breakage.

    10 years limited warranty on loss of light transmission

    5 years limited warranty on coating failure.